Business Process Improvement

Organizations are constantly faced with change. Change may become necessary as a result of a new regulatory environment, market demands, or the emergence of new market changing technologies. Business process improvement is a method that organizations use to improve their operations when improvement is necessary. In general, Business Process Improvement is a systematic method to help organizations achieve more optimal results within their business model with a focus on efficiency and waste reduction.  

At SynOpt, we help businesses achieve significant and sustainable advances in profitable operating performance. We do this through the implementation of Six Sigma operating principles. Through lean operating principles, businesses can increase overall business capacity by focusing your processes and systems to optimally respond to customer demand. By doing so, businesses can release and reallocate resources to increase customer value and dramatically increase profitability. Our business process improvement focus centers around the following: 

Customer Focused Execution

True customer satisfaction is achieved only when you meet or exceed your customer expectations in the areas that matter to them. Every service and product that your organization provides should focus on things that are critical to quality and customer satisfaction. We work to find and listen to the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and determine the true value criteria that influence your customers’ buying decisions, and orient your business to deliver. 

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Continuous Improvement (realized not imagined)

We activate your team by providing training and guidance, centered around the Voice of the Customer. Throughout the business process improvement process we capture and document the key performance indicators that drive growth and success. We then support and empower your organization to continually improve your internal processes and operations by arming your teams with metrics and key performance indicators that drive success and continuously create greater customer value.


Interim Executive Services

SynOpt provides executives with deep expertise across a wide range of operating areas. With backgrounds that include experiences from startup to Fortune 500. Our seasoned professionals are uniquely qualified to support your business process improvement efforts and will work with your leadership teams to build a strong and highly focused turnaround effort with attainable objectives, and provide the basis for a profitable future. 


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Profitable Business Process Improvement. We help businesses achieve significant and sustainable advances in profitable operating performance. We do this through business process improvement and by leveraging Six Sigma methodologies and operating principles.

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